Friday, June 16, 2006

Closing In

The first go through of chapter 25 is complete. When I get a chance to type it, I'll want to deepen the writing, but I like the foundation. 5 or so chapters to go!

I'm thinking now I will try sending this one to a couple agents first. I'll try and find out who represents some of the top paranormal romance authors and give them a shot. I know this sounds full of myself, but I really think this novel is my break out one. I think it is the one an agent would want to represent and one publishers would want to buy. I just wish they had a faster response times than 6-9 months. Grrr.

I really like Laurell K Hamilton's stuff. Her books have strong paranormal elements and tons of sex. I think my descriptions are better than hers, but she's got great characters. I'm going to try for her agent first (if I can find out who she/he is). Then I'll look at the agent for Christine Feehan. I think I'm closer to her in the descriptive department and she's also got great paranormal elements. She's not broke out from paperback originals to hardcover yet that I know of (hardcover is usually for the top authors in romance) like Laurell has, so that is why her agent is second.

Anyway, I need to focus this weekend on school stuff, like it or not. BLECH! I just want to finish the novel. But I'll get that chance next week. The boss is out of town ALL WEEK LONG! Whoo-hoo! When the cat's away, this mouse plans to write. And maybe do a little school work.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

First Hitch

I was having trouble with this new character that popped up in the story. I wasn't sure what to do about him moving into a major role and kind of coming between the main love interests. I've gone through the story a few different ways in my mind and he always comes to the front.

I think I finally figured out where things need to go. Actually, if I had trusted the story, and not worried about this fellow, I would have come to the same course of action I'm ending up with. I just had to follow the story out a few steps to see how he'll come into play and it draws on things that happened earlier and will happen later, so he ties in tightly to the story. I can't pull him out even if I wanted to now. Not that I wanted to. I was just worried about the course of the romantic arc. I should just trust the characters and let them tell me their story and quit getting in the way. :-)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Tonight is the first night of summer classes. Sigh.... I'm not looking forward to it. I REALLY need a break from stress, but with my boss's retirement finally acknowledged, I can't risk taking time off. If the new job falls through, I need my back-up plan in place. Which means summer quarter classes are a must.

Ever since my boss finally admitted the retirement, I've had a major pain in my neck. I feel like a really nasty vampire is bitting me every night, and not in a good way. The tension is really there and I know it will not go away until I get a new job and settle in. Long, hard 'bummer' road ahead.

I think I am throwing myself into my writing partly out of stress (it's an escape). I think I am also channelling the energy I use for dreaming and magic into it a lot. I feel like I do when I use magic in dreams when I'm writing. The same flow and excitement. It is the only thing that really keeps me happy and sane with everything that is going on.

And, so, with all the frantic writing to keep me happy, I have just started Chapter 23 last night. Closing in on the 30+ chapters mark for the ending. A character popped up a couple of chapters ago that I really love, and it is hard to keep him from stealing the show from my main guys. He'll definately need to show up in a future book. Probably more than one, since he needs some time to 'heal' before he'll be ready for a romance of his own. Or maybe not. Maybe that'll just make the challenge even greater, the obsticles to love that much more.

Anyway, the story is turning toward the final climax. It is laid out before me pretty nicely, even without planning. I think it is much better than anything I could have planned in advance. I'm really looking forward to it. I expect to have the novel done before the end of the month. How's that for fast writing? A complete 90-100k novel in just about 2 months. If I could sell everything I writing, and write at that pace regularly, I could quit worrying about day jobs and write full time in a year or two. (Dreaming big, there. I know.)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Geez, That Was Powerful

Chapter 21 and the first part of 22 just gushed out on the paper with a flood of emotions I wasn't expecting. This character-based approach to writing is very different than plot-based, that is for sure. I was tossed about in the images and emotions right along with the characters. My original plan went out the window as the characters took over. Wow. I cried a number of times during the writing, and I still cry when I reread certain passages.

This also changes the direction the story was heading by a number of degrees. I am totally happy with the change though. Whoosh! This story is shaking me up and spinning me about, but I'm enjoying the ride!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Moving Right Along

I just completed Chapter 20. I mostly like it. I think I'll have to see how I feel about it later. Dialogue chapters always feel somewhat off to me. I think it is because of the lack of description. The dialogue itself seems to do a good job of reflecting the characters.

Anyway, now I get to write the chapter I've been dying to write since last night. Kissy-face time. Yeah!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

So Far So Good

I just finished Chapter 19. It had a lot of heavy dialogue and explained the answers to some of the questions that have been creating difficulties for the main character. I will probably revisit it tomorrow when I've had time to think about it and maybe add some description or introspection. I have about 13 more chapters to go to reach the spot I'd like as a minimum for the final length of this novel and I have lots of plot complications that will need dealing with.

Sigh.... I'm enjoying the story still and I'm not sure where it is going or how it will work out. That makes for quite an adventure.

Meanwhile, I'm taking a break for the rest of the day. I've not seen what happens next so I have to give the characters time to tell me. I'll pick it up tomorrow.