Saturday, September 04, 2004

One Sub-Section Done

I finished one sub-section. I still need 7.5 pages (1875 words) to reach my goal for today.I'm starting the next subsection in a moment.

I have just 4 subsections before this current section is complete. I have 2 sections after that. One very short one, with just 2 sub-sections and one long one, with 6 sub-sections.

Already Behind

To keep up with my 1000 words/day David and Goliath goal I should have 4000 words at the end of today. As of this morning I needed 2750 (11 pages) to reach this goal. So far I have completed 2 pages, leaving 2250 words to go.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Some Writing

I got a little bit more writing done yesterday. It was long hand, so I don't know how many words, but certainly less than 1000. I'll type it up along with whatever I get today and start the weekend with fresh energy.

Thursday, September 02, 2004


I am in the throes of a 1000 word a day David and Goliath Challenge and a 'get that novel done' challenge. Yesterday I wrote 750 words on the RPG Class and posted it. I also wrote 250 words on Psionics Institutes. So I made the 1000 word a day goal.

I am a moderator now on Evolution. Cool beans! I have to make posts and come up with challenges. I've been doing that already. I got a moderator pip. That was cool!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Come On!

the same guy who downloaded my script on Monday evening, downloaded it again Tuesday morning. I so hope this is a good sign! Come on! Option it!

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Made It!

I made my goal of 3100 words for August's David and Goliath challenge! yeah me! I also completed another subsection on Psionics Institutes in the process.

Double yeah!

Oh, Please!

Someone has FINALLY downloaded my script REMEMBER ME off of I have long felt if someone would JUST READ IT, they would like it. I bet every scriptwriter feels that way. I really hope they like it and option it. That would be ULTRA EXCELLENT!


I managed a miniscule 350 words yesterday. I need 550 more today to reach my David and Goliath total word count goal for August.

Starting tomorrow... 1000 words a day!

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Oh, yeah!

I got the typing caught up on Psionics Institutes. I have 9892 words done in the current section which needs to be 18,000 words long. Only 8108 words to go. That is about 1351 per subsection. Doable. Not as bad as I was expecting.

I've got to write 100 words before the end of this month to reach my David and Goliath goal for August. Next month I have a 1000 word a day goal. Very challenging, but needed to get Psionics Institues done and make my goal of finishing three books for the 'finish that novel challenge'. I've got my read-a-thon well ahead and can take some time off that challenge. I also have my Writer idol story done. I need to write another article for my 'writing for games' series.

All in all, I'm doing OK. I can't slow down though.

Typing Again

I've been typing again today. I have one more section to type before I have it all entered.

Back to the grind!