Saturday, September 07, 2002

Back to work

I took a day off yesterday. I need to get on to the Non-Player Characters chapter and make the additions to the Web of Conspiracies chapter.

During my day off I spent a lot of time surfing the internet researching a few ideas I have for a couple of non-fiction books. Isn't this just like me to be swamped with half-finished projects and go looking for more to do?

While I was flirting from website to website I swung by Steve Jackson Games. The Faeries suppliment book I sent in the query for was finally assigned. After reading the Traveller wishlist I feel even less inclined to send a proposal than before. I'm burnt out on RPG and their suppliments are so long it would take a year to write it. Besides, I have an idea for a RPG of my own design which I would rather spend time on than to do backbends to try and write for someone else's universe.

Friday, September 06, 2002

The Rules Appendix was more work than I thought...

...but I finally, finally, finally got it done and e-mailed. When I started working on the book after the proposal had been accepted I divided the work into three sections. The PCs and the Rules Appendix were the first section and they are done now! Yeah!

The next section is the NPCs and the Web of Conspiracies chapters. "Web" is well under way already from the Proposal summery. The last section is the adventure chapters, The Cranston Building and The Fallout. I am about where I wanted to be schedule-wise. I hope to have the second section done by the end of next week and the whole shabang turned in by the end of the month.

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Pariah Progress

The chapter on the Player Characters is done and e-mailed. I am nearly done with the rules appendix. I signed and mailed the contract for this book back to Rogue Publishing.

In other news, my article is now up on the JTAS website. That's nice. There is a bunch of new Traveller books on the 'wish list' at Steve Jackson Games, including one for psionics, my favorite topic. I may have to submit another RPG proposal even though I promised myself I would take a break after A Tangeld Web to finish the novels.

Monday, September 02, 2002

Good News E-mail

My article "Bestiary: Infestations" will appear in Journal of the Traveller's Aid Society this week and next. I hope it does well in the ratings.

Slow progress

I have the PCs chapter typed and just have to double check for typos before sending it. I'll do the rules chapter next. A Tangled Web is not just the title, it is also my notecards and outline. But, at least when I do get work done I like the results.