Saturday, July 01, 2006

New Novel

After the rejection, I found editing Deluge too difficult to face. I needed to get away from it until I felt less insecure. I intended to focus on school work, and did get some done. But listening to music as I worked, a new scene came to mind.

I wrote it out in Chapters 1 and 2 of a new novel I'm just calling Dance right now. Boy, howdy, I think this will be another Deluge where the characters just take the wheel and I hang on tight. This story takes place in the same world as Deluge, but I think that at most those characters may appear as minor characters in Dance. I want it to be a stand alone and not depend too heavily on the story from the first book in case they both don't get published.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Intrigue rejected Her Dangerous Promise. Boo-hoo!

Now I have to try and find someplace else to send it to, although I think it may be doomed - I mean destined - to e-publishers now.

Agent Submission

I just mailed the Deluge submission to Writers House yesterday. (Fingers crossed!)

I've made a bit of progress on the final edits of the rest of the novel.

A new story is knocking on my brain, again nothing I've already got an outline for. I've had a title Manache Monday for a while, and the loose idea that Monday is a lovelorn spirit haunting a hotel. Now I have a few characters, the heroine who owns the hotel and the hero who is a ghost investigator, giving me little scene tidbits. It looks like a paranormal romance with some strong comic edges. I'm chomping at the bit to write their story, but I'm trying to hold them back until the edits on Deluge are complete and I have a bit more of this stinky summer quarter of school under my belt. (I hate economics! The topic isn't hard. The 8-12 quizes and 1 major test a week is time consuming!)

Monday, June 26, 2006

Rewrote the Synopsis

I found some romance author websites that listed how to write a synopsis, and then went and tossed out all but the first paragraph of the sysnopsis I had. I had focused entirely too much on plot and not enough on the characters and the romance.

So that is done and ready to type up this morning. I have edited the first three chapters one last time and I will type in those changes as well. I should have the submission packet in the mail by the end of today.

I've caught up on my homework. (Try not to have a heart attack) And super, happy, fun writing week ends tomorrow with the return of my boss from vacation. Sigh!