Thursday, May 19, 2005

Chapter 3 Completed

I just completed Chapter 3 of Her Dangerous Promise. This chapter is actually a whole extra chapter from what I plotted. This will give me some freedom on the word count in the rest of the book. Hopefully, I won't go over the limit, but I think editing the word count down is easier than trying to cram extra word count in.

Do a Little Dance!

I just completed entering the revisions for Crystals and Corpses! Yeah! I have been working on this novel on and off for over ten years! It is done. I won't make anymore changes unless a publisher asks for them. I have been feeling for a while that if I could just finish entering those changes that THEN I would make a sale.

Currently, I have a query and three sample chapters mailed to an agent. I hope she will fulfill my prediction and take me on as a client and get my book picked up by a good publisher.

Final word count was 75,000 words. That is a relief! It was the need to add to the word count that inspired me to make the huge changes to the manuscript in the first place.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Step by Step

I managed another couple of pages in Her Dangerous Promise. I need at least 4 more pages to reach the end of the chapter. I'd like to complete at least one chapter a week. That seems like a reasonable goal.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I finally made up the order forms and letter of introduction for Abyss Distribution for my video Easy Guide to Tarot Reading. I need to make a quick demo CD to include in the package. I may or may not get that mailed this afternoon, depending on if I complete it before the post office closes. I definately want to mail it Wednesday at the latest.

I also typed in the changes to the last 3 chapters of C and C. I still have Chapter 16 to enter, but it had a lot of changes and will take more time than I have today. Once that is done, I can finish giving pages numbers to the last 4 chapters, and then I will finally have that done!!!! I estimate this will be completed during my break Thursday morning.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Good Progress

Yesterday I wrote a few pages in Her Dangerous Promise. I still have not finished Chapter 3 yet.

Today I finally mailed my sample and query of Crystals and Corpses to agent Elizabeth English.

My big progress has been with typing in the changes to Crystals and Corpses. I only have 4 chapters to go now, and the last 2 are extremely short.