Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Good News... I guess

I just heard back from Steve Jackson Games about my proposal to write Psionics Insititutes for them. They are definately going to elctronic format for Traveller now. Sigh... I was hoping for a print edition. The up side is that the word length will no longer be a factor and at least I'd be getting paid SOMETHING for my writing efforts. There is also going to be a different editor. Maybe I can convince him to go with Traveller fiction. I'd love to bring Traveller's Log under the GURPS umbrella and make it official.

I recorded a CD of my reading of "Three Ghostly Mystery Classics", which I hope to sell through Cafe Press. There is a bit of a hissing noise, but I don't think I can fix it.

Traveller's Log had been drifting a bit, but the last few days have brought it and me back on track. I always do better when I 'watch it unfold' in my head and then write it down. If I try to plan the story it always feels forced.

I got some work done on a new home page for Traveller, and I am pleased with how it is taking shape.

Today I want to start working on the script for "War Paint".

Monday, March 01, 2004

One Thing Crossed Off

I wrote the sample scene and e-mailed it to the producer who had posted a request for it.

I also found a posting by a production company that makes horror movies and is looking for 'creature features', whom I will query once I have this month's script completed.

Now I am working on the Traveller's Log homepage.

Goals for March

This month's script is titled "War Paint" and is a horror movie. A creature feature, really.

For "Levitation", I want to get the lights and the costumes together. I want to contact camera rental companies and get the equipment rental terms. I also want to construct the 'flying rig', another special FX.

Some other items I want to complete this month:

-Make a website for Traveller
-Finish producing the audio performance of "Three Ghostly Mysteries"
-Inquire at XM radio about their program terms
-Send a sample scene to film producer I found on the web who called for it.

Sunday, February 29, 2004

Goals Achieved

I completed entering the revisions on "Remember Me". Yeah!

I finished the special effects except for the big one for "Levitation" and made test shots of them. Yeah!

I achieved my goals for this month!



The big and depressing news is the reply I just got from Wizards of the Coast yesterday. The letter says, in part, "Although I am impressed by your enthusiasm, I have to tell you that at present we have no open slots for new authors in our program. Currently we're fully committed through the end of 2005. Your writing shows promise, and I'd encourage you to submit in another year or two when I may have better news for you."

BUMMER! How much more of a 'yes' can a 'no' be?

Yesterday I made some more progress on typing the changes to "Remember Me". I hope and plan to finish them today. I also built, with the aid of my husband, the main part of one of the special effects for "Levitation". I need to put the finishing touches on it today also.

I have been having trouble keeping up with Traveller's Log. I want to get the script and SFX done today, but tomorrow I want to really work at getting a head on the log.