Saturday, June 05, 2004


I photocopied the agents from the 2004 Writer's guide whom I plan to approach with Complimentary Murder.

I printed out a new copy of Complimentary Murder and have an adjusted word count of 60,000 words. That is an acceptable length. I'd like to expand it closer to 80,000 if possible.

This afternoon I am shooting the 'pick ups' (missed transition scenes) for Levitation.

Yesterday, I made up the request for writer's guidelines that I am going to send to Harlequin for the medical romance "All Night Long".

Friday, June 04, 2004

Go Get Them

I got tired of to bring producers and agents to me. (which they were not doing to my satisfaction.) I went ahead and signed up for a account. Zip-zap, I have a list of over 130 producers and management companies open to new writers and romantic comedies and that will let you query them through the scriptpimp system. I'll put my info into the system and start sending queries. A couple of the places are big names that even I recognize. I'll start with them first.

I hope I get offers to read the script. It is time to start shopping "Remember Me" around!

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Getting Serious

I was grumping to myself this morning about hating my job while I searched for other simliar jobs that might pay more, when the thought hit me: "Why am I looking for a different crappy job instead of trying harder to get the job I want, which is to be a professional writer."

I am sitting on two perfectly good novels (Complimentary Murder and PSI Emergency) simply because I dislike revisions. I am sitting on a good screenplay (Remember Me) because I am waiting for to produce a miracle. I'm going to review my status on the novels and make a submission plan for all three projects.

Sundance will post their 2005 request for entries on June 7th, and I am going to check into submitting Levitation to that. I'll be filming the 'pick-ups' this weekend.

I have the current subsection of Psionics Institutes 3/4 of the way done. I'm going to finish that today.

I also typed up a letter for Harlequin to get the guidelines for their medical romance line. If I get the subsection done today I can work on the romance this afternoon.

Small Progress

I have made small progress on the game. I have a 600 words per day goal, but have not been making it. Work has been hectic. I'm going to try and grab some time and work on it this morning. I won't allow myself to work on the romance (now titled "All Night Long") unless I make my daily word count on the game.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Progress on the Wrong Project

Well, I got to page 9 of the hoped for 200 page romance "All Night Long". It is enough to give me a comfortable foothold on the story.

Now I really have to focus on Psionics Institutes. I'll 'reward' myself for progress on this book by giving myself permission to work on "All Night Long" when I reach milestones.


I don't know whether it is a good or bad thing, but I am such a multi-tasker that it isn't funny. I think my 'problem' is that my creative energy is so wild that it doesn't like to focus on one or two things.

Like yesterday. I wrote 1 1/2 pages on the Traveller project, and 3 pages and a partial outline for a romance novel. The story just kept coming and I knew I would lose it if I didn't jot it down. Even when I went to bed the story continued to unfold and I would flip the light on every five minutes to jot down a plot point before I forgot it. I stopped by the Harlequin website and checked the requirements for a medical romance. Only 50,000 words. The story is strongly leaning toward the humorous, so I could use that as a back-up sub-genre if the editor of the medical romances didn't go for it.

I think the encouragement of the writing project has given me a boost as well. I'm thinking about (at long last) revising the drafts of Complimentary Murder and PSI Emergency.

Monday, May 31, 2004

Post Number 500

This is the 500th post I've made to this blog. Wow!

Anyway, I have had the chance to download all the shots from "Levitation" and now I have spotted some missing shots or ones that need to be redone. I'll be shooting them next weekend when I can get the child actors to come back for 'pick ups'. There are about 7 or 8, which shouldn't take too long. Maybe about an hour or two at most.

I have started outlining the next chapter in the Psionics Institute source book and began writing it today. I love the subject so much that I could write about it all day, which is good because I'll have to. The contact arrived over the weekend and I need to sign it and mail it back.

My 'day job' is certain to keep me busy this week, but the week after should be better.