Saturday, March 20, 2004

Not Enough Time

I am finding it hard to work on my screenplays and keep up with Traveller's Log. I think when the story reaches it's next climax I will put it on hiatus.

Next month I want to get my software and hardware that I need to edit Levitation. In May I want to make some practice shots and see what I can do with material. In addition I need to finish up the special effect rigs this month.

All the time, I have to keep up with my personal goal of writing a complete screenplay every month and keep querying producers about them.

Monday, March 15, 2004

Another Query

Today has been productive for query submissions. I just sent a query to Spry Films for my short film script "30-Second Conscious".

I almost sent a third one to Untitled Pictures, who is looking for a romantic comedy, about "Remember Me", but decided not to just yet. They have made 3 movies, two which are documentaries about being independant film makers, and none of them have found a distributor. I'd like to give Girlie Girl a little while longer to respond. It has been 5 weeks and they said it can be as much as 10 weeks before they reply.

I'm going to go ahead and type up "30-Second..." just to have it done.

Query Sent

I sent an e-mail to Kokopelli Films. They had a post calling for someone to help work on a script, and in the recent past they asked for writers in general, so I sent an e-mail with a brief run down of what I have done and invited them to chat with me via e-mail.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Getting Motivated

I finished the home page for Traveller's Log, at least for now. Tomorrow I hope to get a little ahead on the story. I'm debating about stopping the series. Readership is down and it consumes a lot of time.

I have some ideas on how to get the "War Paint" script moving again. I've been at a block for a while, hence all the other stuff I've been working on.

I am getting more equipment together for the summer shoot of "Levitation". I have to order the harness for the flying rig today. I have also been studying digital video editing to help prepare.