Saturday, April 19, 2003

Here's my curent state of chaos:

Under the "Can you believe it?" heading: We discovered an unauthorized withdrawl for $300 against our checking account's debit card. It occured a night when my husband was out with "friends" and while he maintains it must be a computer error, I think someone "borrowed" his wallet and made the withdrawl. He's not one to make folks stand back when he makes a withdrawl and I think one of his "buddies" saw his code, took the card, made the withdrawl and returned the card without him knowing. Which is very possible. The bank is investigating. I hope the ATM had a video camera and the slime goes to a nasty, stinky cell with a room mate named Bubba who calls him Sweetie.

I've almost got the website set up now for the Secret Project.

Next week maybe I'll be ready to go.

Thursday, April 17, 2003

Taking The Plunge

I just got the domain and website for the Secret Project. I'm starting to set it up. I'm also still finishing up the last 3 bits of the Project. Next week I think it'll be public!

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Always something

The computer ate a file I needed for the Secret Project, but I was able to reconstruct it. Plus the usual problem of underestimating the time I need means that the launch is more likely late next week or early the week after. I am going to go ahead and start setting up the website and other internet programs starting tomorrow like I intended, but I'll just have to interlace that work with finishing some Secret Project related material.

Once the website is ready, I'll anounce the Secret Project. I hope you'll be watching for it!