Saturday, May 27, 2006

Catching My Breath

Interestingly enough, I finished the Book in a Week challenge with the last scene in which I knew what was going to happen next. I have a notion what will happen now in the story line, but the scene hasn't played itself out before me in advance. So, I have been able to take a break today and get my head together.

I sat down this morning around 10 am took up the rest of the manuscript I have been reading for my critique partner. I just finished it five minutes ago, and I'll be able to hand the completed manuscript back to her at our writing session tomorrow. I've been feeling guilty about hanging on to it for so long.

The rest of today will consist of household chores, typing the second chapter of this new novel, which was written in long hand, and sitting down with my programming homework in both my C++ and Java classes. 2 more weeks of Spring classes to go. Summer classes, which I am also taking, start the very next week. Bummer. No breaks at all.

As for writing...

I am kind of jazzed that I have just about reached the first quarter mark on the word count for Deluge. Now it is time for the story to kick up into higher gear. Yee-haw!

As for writing challenges, I've signed up for Evolution Writers' Novel Writing Mission. Starting the first of June and going until the end of July, I have the official writing goal of 15 chapters. In reality, I want to finish the first draft of Deluge in that time. That would be a minimum of 22 1/2 more chapters. (Figuring from the estimate of 30 chapters, each approx. 10 pages, for a total of 75k words) If I maintain a pace close to what I did this week, I might finish the manuscript in just over a month. That would be sweet!

Book in a Week Total
My goal: 10K.

The final tally for my Book in a Week challenge is 13250 words.

I went from the middle of Chapter 2 to the middle of Chapter 7 during this week long challenge.

Whew! Now I'm going to bed and try and relax my smoking fingers, which are sore now from all this typing.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Another One Down...

I've just finished Chapter 6, at 9 pages and 2250 words.

The total so far for Evolution's Book in a Week is now 12000. :)

I still have a few hours left on this challenge, and I might get a few more words in before it's over.

I am so far behind on the other things I'm supposed to do. Maybe after writing the next scene gnawing in my mind I can get a few other things done.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

I just finished Chapter 5,

adding 10 pages and 2500 words to the count.

I miscounted the number of pages in Chapter 4, which was 10 instead of 11.

So my actual word count for Book in a Week is: 9750. I just need 250 more words to make the week long goal of 10k. I should exceed that by quite a bit if I keep up this pace.

Meanwhile, school work and everything is lagging behind. I keep promising myself to work on that stuff, but then end up working on the novel anyway.

Chapter 4 is complete now, with 11 pages and a word count of 2750. This brings the total for the Book in a Week challenge I'm doing with Evolution Writers up to 7500, not counting the words I have for Chapter 5 already. I'll count those in when I have that chapter done.

I'm well on my way toward my goal of 10k words for this week, and the story is still coming strong.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Half and Half

I've written half of Chapter 4 and half of Chapter 5 for Deluge. I was seeing the scene at the beginning of Chapter 5 so clearly, including dialogue bits I was sure I'd forget, that I went ahead and wrote that scene. I've got it out of my system, and now tomorrow I'll go back to finish Chapter 4.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Chapter 3 completed

I just completed Chapter 3 of the paranormal romance that snagged me last week. BTW, it is titled Deluge. I'm not sure if I'll keep the title, but it works for now. Chapter 3 had 11 pages and added 2750 words to the word count.

My critique partner read chapters 1 and 2 and insists that I hurry up and finish the story for her to read, so I'm taking that as a good sign.