Thursday, May 26, 2005

Good News

I finally mailed the sample of Easy Guide to Tarot Reading yesterday. Hopefully, Azure Green will love it and send me a big order, with an equally big payment.

I also just completed Chapter 4 of her Dangerous Promise. Yeah! I am officially halfway done with the novel!

And the best part is, now the story picks up and action is always easier to write than suspense. Suspense is just waiting for action. Now it can happen.



I had an unexpected burst of inspiration last evening and wrote two pages of a romantic comedy. I want to finish that scene today and set it aside. I don't want to get off on a tangent. I'm determined to complete Her Dangerous Promise as quickly as possible.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Two More Pages

I've added two more pages to Chapter 4 of Her Dangerous Promise. I now only need 8-9 more pages to complete the chapter. Once this chapter is finished I will officially be at the 1/4 mark in the book. I am making good progress, but I hope I am not too funny and flip in places for the Intrigue line I am aiming for.

I'm deliberatly keeping it light and romantic until the end of this chapter, so when the bad guy shows up again it will be even more of a punch.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I'm Feeling Good

I wrote a whole 6 pages in Chapter 4 of Her Dangerous Promise. It wrote like butter and I like it. Which probably means it sucks and needs lots of work. But still, I have the chapter a third of the way completed in a day, so I'll feel good about it.


So Changeling Press got back to me again. The editor said one of her assistants must have been the one to reject the re-write. She asked if I could remember the comments.

Nice. Now I must repeat the insulting comments to the editor. So I told her the few I could remember, thanked her for checking back with me and said I'd keep them in mind for other stories I am working on. (We mustn't burn bridges!)

I wish Venus Press would get back with me with a nice fat acceptance!

I wish Steve Jackson Games would quit yanking my chain and publish and pay me for Psionics Institutes.

Even better, I wish an agent would accept C and C, and then get me a nice fat mutli-book contract and advance!

I am so ready to break out as a published author. I've had small publications. I've completed longer works I feel are good. If I could just take that next step....

Monday, May 23, 2005


I just got an e-mail from Changeling Press informing me that she is waiting for my revised story. Huh? I sent her the revised story and she rejected it. And a rather unflattering rejection at that!

Now I am confused. I guess I'll send her a message reminding her that I sent in the revision and she rejected it. I've submitted it to another publisher already, so if she wanted another crack at the story she'll have to wait. I'm not too keen on gutting the story a second time and get yet another insulting rejection.