Friday, June 16, 2006

Closing In

The first go through of chapter 25 is complete. When I get a chance to type it, I'll want to deepen the writing, but I like the foundation. 5 or so chapters to go!

I'm thinking now I will try sending this one to a couple agents first. I'll try and find out who represents some of the top paranormal romance authors and give them a shot. I know this sounds full of myself, but I really think this novel is my break out one. I think it is the one an agent would want to represent and one publishers would want to buy. I just wish they had a faster response times than 6-9 months. Grrr.

I really like Laurell K Hamilton's stuff. Her books have strong paranormal elements and tons of sex. I think my descriptions are better than hers, but she's got great characters. I'm going to try for her agent first (if I can find out who she/he is). Then I'll look at the agent for Christine Feehan. I think I'm closer to her in the descriptive department and she's also got great paranormal elements. She's not broke out from paperback originals to hardcover yet that I know of (hardcover is usually for the top authors in romance) like Laurell has, so that is why her agent is second.

Anyway, I need to focus this weekend on school stuff, like it or not. BLECH! I just want to finish the novel. But I'll get that chance next week. The boss is out of town ALL WEEK LONG! Whoo-hoo! When the cat's away, this mouse plans to write. And maybe do a little school work.