Tuesday, October 22, 2002

After a Day of Rest

I am starting to sort back into the revisions of Complimentary Murder now that A Tangled Web is untangled. I have not heard back from the publisher yet, but I hope she like the changes.

I am also getting into another writing-related project. It is a secret right now, but watch this web log for hints!

Monday, October 21, 2002

It's in the Mail!

I just finished the final bit of work on the revised A Tangeld Web manuscript e-mailed it in.


Sunday, October 20, 2002

Good for Final Count-Down

I have all the corrections typed into the three revised chapters of A Tangled Web, spell-check them and printed out a clean copy. (Whew!)

After I watch the new episode of Charmed on the WB I will give these chapters a final read through for typos, make those corrections and e-mail the final chapters to Rogue Publishing.

Closer to Done

I have only 3 pages left to type in on the final revised chapter and I will have to stop for now. I'll finish it up tonight and print out the clean copy, then give all three revised chapters a final read through and e-mail it in.

(fingers crossed)

One More Down, One More To Go

I finished the small number of changes to the final chapter and now I am going to try and get a good start on the one remaining chapter, which is the one about the rescue of the kidnapped girl.

Clickity, Clickity, Clickity

(That is the sound of me typing in the changes to the adventure chapter. It is a whoping 27 pages long now. Spell checked and printed, I'll reread it tomorrow. Now onto typing the changes of the Fallout conclusion chapter.)