Saturday, December 06, 2003

First Draft

I just whipped out the first draft of a story for Scifi Audio. It ran about 1000 words and will require a bit of revision before it is ready to go, but the storyline turned out better than expected.

I am going to keep looking at my other writing options tonight.


I'm debating what to work on next, writing wise. I have several proposals and samples out there for which I am waiting for responses. In the meantime, I have several options.

I could work on one of my backburner projects. Start a new novel. Write short stories. Write RPG articles. Make a second proposal for Steve Jackson Games.

I have the Traveller's Log written and posted through mid December but I could keep adding to that as well.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Another Submission

I submitted another story to the "Living Stupid" editor.

My Traveller's log is getting several hits a day. Yeah! I hope if it does well to convince one of the publishers of Traveller games to go with novels based it, like Dungeons and Dragons does.

I have several guidelines for markets looking for short work. I am going to focus on short shories for now while I am waiting to hear back about the Traveller proposal.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Another Submission

I e-mailed a short story called "A Sign From Beyond" to the anthology Living Stupid: Dumb Things Smart People Do. Their deadline is in March, so I hope to hear back about it before summer.

No responses from anyone yet.

Monday, December 01, 2003

Into the Blackhole

I completed the revisions and sent the writing sample to FFG just moments ago.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Back to work

While I'm waiting for the editor to get back with me, I have been checking out some of the writer sites for new places to submit work to. I have found a few. My favorite is a SCIFI audio publisher looking for very short stories (less than 2,000 words, and needs under 1,000 words especially). I also found a request from one of the 'chicken soup for the soul' authors looking for short accounts of 'dumb things smart people do'. Both sound like good 'in the meantime' projects.

Ready and Waiting

According to the e-mail from the editor of GURPS traveller, I should be hearing back from him sometime early this week. I'm very anxious about that.

I have revised the FFG sample. True to form, the more I love it when it is fresh, the more work it needs in revision. I think it is in good shape now. I plan to go over it once more and to e-mail it tonight.

The Traveller's Log picked up a bunch of new readers. I'd like to see that project do well and maybe down the line convince GURPS to publish novels based on the Traveller game.