Friday, September 01, 2006


After reading through the newly typed manuscript, I only have a few tweaky things I want to do before submitting it.

I heard from Venus Press about "Riding Dennis", they want a few small edits. The editor will not be back in the office until Tuesday, so I will aim to have both those stories submitted on that day.

Right now, I'm going to veg-out with Sherrilyn Kenyon's novel Night Pleasures.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Submitted "Kitten"

I just sent in "Kitten" to Venus Press. If they publish it, I think it would qualify for the hottest sensuality rating. It is very steamy. Two yummy vampire studs claiming one shy woman for their human servant... And what kind of servicing do you suppose they will require? (Is it getting hot in here?)

Anyway, I'm heading off-line to finish typing in the edits on "Redemption".

Bad Little Girl

My hubby is miffed at me, but I don't care. I spent a pretty penny on a laptop and I love it! Now I can type in bed, at the coffee shop, anywhere! I'm hoping this will save me major time by letting me skip the long hand writing when I'm away from my office.

I even managed to type in half the edits for "Redemption" last evening. I'm hoping to knock out the remaining edits tonight. Then "Kitten" will get a final read through and submitted to Venus Press.

The Myspace page is starting to take shape finally. Check it out at I am even starting to collect a few friends! I can spend entirely too much time goofing off there, especially since my desktop computer likes to freeze about every five minutes. I so need virus software.

I felt lazy yesterday and called off sick from work. Besides running up the credit card, typing in edits and playing on MySpace I managed to reread Chapter 1 of Secrets of the Dance. Sigh... I am ready to get back to that novel, but I think I'll need to do some meditation first. I've been burning the candle at both ends, and I think that is why both "Kitten" and "Redemption" required so many edits. A little grounding and centering is in order.