Saturday, June 12, 2004


Levitation is nearly done. I just have to do some minor 'tweaking' in a few places. I'll be ready to send it in to the Sundance Film Festival in a few weeks.

I'm planning to sit down this weekend and evaluate the edits on Complimentary Murder. I want to get a clear picture of where I am and what needs to be done. That way I can start thinking about sending queries to agents.

Speaking of queries, I'm going to hit up the list on "Script P.I.M.P" on Monday for "Remember Me". Mass submissions! Oh, my!

I'm also going to start re-focusing on the Psionics Institutes manuscript on Monday or Tuesday.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Queries E-mailed

I e-mailed 12 production companies the logline for Remember Me. I used the 'send a query' feature on the Script P.I.M.P. website. I hope at least one will go so far as to ask for the script.

The Underground Production Company's e-mail server keeps bouncing my query. Oh well.

I changed the logline on Maybe that will help get more hits there.

If I have not heard anything from anyone by Monday I'll start sending more queries to other companies listed on Script P.I.M.P.


I worked on the editing of "Levitation" yesterday and made lots of progress. I have reached the final scene. I'll try working on it this evening. Once it is done I'll need to work on the music.

Some of the movie is really great. Some parts I'm not so sure of. I'm also concerned about resolution. I'm not sure it will look right on a large screen.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Sundance Deadline and Query

The deadline for submitting a short film to Sundance is Sept 3rd. If I get it in before Aug 6th I get a discount on the fee.

I just sent a query to Underground Films, who posted a request for romantic comedies on Inktip's e-mail newsletter. The first time I sent it this morning it bounced back because their e-mail had maxed out. I think it went through this time. I hope they get to my query, considering they received so many.

Weekend Writing Warrior

This weekend I filmed the needed scenes and worked on editing the first scene of Levitation. It still needs work, folley (sounds) and music.

I made the request for guidelines for Harlequin's medical romance line, and I'll be mailing it today. I'll be getting the Psionics Institute contract mailed today also.

I printed the draft of my mystery novel, Complimentary Murder. It is 60,000 words. I need to reread it and maybe even expand the word count to 70K or 80K to make it more marketable.

Sundance still has not put up their guidelines yet.

I have formulated a submissions and writing strategy, which has helped me organize all my projects.