Thursday, February 05, 2004

Two Pitches, One Miss

I sent a query to two production companies that had listings in Scriptseeker's Call Board. The Small Town Oceans Production team is no longer looking for scripts. I have not heard back from Transformative Films about my query regarding "Levitation".

Monday, February 02, 2004


I typed up a bunch of pages of the script of "Remember Me". I am just doing it as it was written and not worrying about format at this time. I also go a little bit more of Traveller's log done. I am good until wed.

I also surfed a few websites for places to send scripts. I found a couple promising ones.

Escape Plan

I'm working on my escape plan today. That's what I call my screenwriting activities. That is how I hope to escape from the tedium of 7-3:30 office work. That is how I hope to escape from paycheck to paycheck living. That is how I hope to escape from debt. That is how I hope to escape from the agonies of dealing with my husband's ex-wife.

Today I am working on typing my screenplay "Remember Me."

My goals for Feb are:

- Type and edit "Remember Me" and make a query, outline and proposal for it.

- Submit the query to Girlie Girl Productions, which is the company I had in mind when I began the script because they are looking for romantic comedy.

- Read and decide on the public domain novel for screen adaptation, which will be the script I plan to write in March and submit to the BBC.

- Make special FX for "Levitation", the short film I plan to produce this summer. Also make the story boards and production schedule for the shoot.

Those should be do-able in the span of a month.

Sunday, February 01, 2004


I completed the projects for January just in time. I finished the first draft of "Remember Me" yesterday about 9pm.

My projects for Feb are substantial. I also have to rethink my approach to the training for the summer production of Levitation.

I've got to work on Traveller's Log today. I am falling behind again. I want to write up about two weeks worth of material today.