Friday, July 04, 2008

“Beyond the Veil” is a Dark Angel Recommended Read!

The good reviews continue to come in for “Beyond the Veil!” Here is an excerpt of the review from Dark Angel Reviewer Amanda Haffery…

“BEYOND THE VEIL is a knockout winner in my opinion. Filled to the brim with every aspect a paranormal story needs, I was on the edge of my seat in anticipation from beginning to end. Bruce and Carolyn are divine. I couldn't get enough of their encounters. Carolyn's ability, with the help of the ring, really added some nail biting moments to the amazing storyline. Carolyn is a multi-layered character. One moment she's so sweet and innocent and the next she's like a sex kitten who can't get enough of Bruce. Bruce is so sexy he made my mouth water. Poor man is a ghost which really made things interesting for him and Carolyn both. Being a ghost didn't alter his man bits though and he was more than able to perform and satisfy both Carolyn and this reader. I couldn't wait to find out if these two would live happily ever after and whether it would be in the real world or BEYOND THE VEIL. Amanda Sidhe really captivated me with her creative world, her characters and the passion that exploded between them. She's definitely someone I'll be looking forward to for a long time to come.”

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Fallen Angel gives a wonderful review of “Beyond the Veil”

Excerpt from the review:

“Beyond The Veil is a unique, erotic tale of two lovers against insurmountable odds, trying to discover a way to be together. As they get to know each other, their intimate encounters were ethereal and sensual, all at once, causing me to fantasize about a paranormal encounter of my own. Sometimes on her plane of existence and sometimes on his, the two come together in a way that gives new meaning to the term “timeless romance”.

Reviewed by: Bella

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Fallen Angel gives a glowing review of “Hand-Dipped Pleasure”

Excerpt from the review:

“This story starts out hot and gets hotter and hotter and as it progresses. This is the first Exotika book that I have read and I enjoyed the book. My first inclination was that it would be all about the sexual experience that the couple went through and that the story itself would not exist but that was not true with this story. I think the fact that the couple already knew each other made it very interesting and made the sexual scenes much more intense. If this is the case for all Exotika’s books then I will be reading more and more of them in the future. I encourage you to check out this book, it has a great friendship that could develop into something much more and the strawberries just might make you want to try a few of your own…maybe the way that Tasha and Dale did.

Reviewed by: Missy”

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