Friday, November 15, 2002

RPG Radio

My first book reviews for RPG Radio is slated to air on Sunday. I'll added more info regarding the specific times when I know for sure. The show will review C J Cherryh's Rider at the Gate and Billy Dee Williams and Rob Macgregor's PSI/Net.

I'm hoping to do more stuff for them, especially radio theater.

Done at Last!!!

The revisions to A Tangled Web are all done and e-mailed. Thank Goodness!

I'm so tired.


I e-mailed the third of the four chapters to Rogue Publishing. For the last one, all I have to do is to reread it and make sure that I softened the amount of game mechanics and the GM vs Player feel. I should have this last one sent out tonight.


Kimberley Cameron rejected my query for Complimentary Murder. Not unexpected, but disappointing. I'll finish up the revisions to CM and then finally do a multiple submission to several agents at once. Going one agent at a time has taken years and it is a waste!

I also resent the two chapters that Rogue needed. I'll finish up the changes and send the last two chapters tonight.

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Push. Pull.

The files I sent to Rogue didn't come through right, so I have to wait until friday to resend them and the new ones. Poop.

I recorded two book reviews and sent the files to RPG Radio. It was fun and I'd like to do more for them.

Monday, November 11, 2002

Good News

Two of the four chapters getting revised for Rogue is now off in the e-mail ether. The remaining two don't need much work. I should be able to send them on Friday when I have access to the Mac computer.

I heard back from RPG radio and I am chatting with them about doing fantasy and science fiction novel reviews. No pay, but still very cool.

Sunday, November 10, 2002

Getting Closer

Of the two pages of revision notes, one is now completely crossed off with pink highlighter (my way of marking something as completed). The other page is mostly pinked-out. The remaining comments include "The scenario is too mechanics heavy", "Backstory is the more important aspect of the NPC", "Challenge ratings are too high", and a request for more detail on a prisoner transfer that is a possible outcome. I feel that I have dealt with all these matters, but I want to double check.

Forward Motion

I'm making steady progress on the revisions. One of the four revision groups is now done.

I also sent an e-mail to RPG-Radio offering to contribute programs. I think that might be fun and cool. This internet radio station is neat to listen to while you surf!