Tuesday, June 01, 2004


I don't know whether it is a good or bad thing, but I am such a multi-tasker that it isn't funny. I think my 'problem' is that my creative energy is so wild that it doesn't like to focus on one or two things.

Like yesterday. I wrote 1 1/2 pages on the Traveller project, and 3 pages and a partial outline for a romance novel. The story just kept coming and I knew I would lose it if I didn't jot it down. Even when I went to bed the story continued to unfold and I would flip the light on every five minutes to jot down a plot point before I forgot it. I stopped by the Harlequin website and checked the requirements for a medical romance. Only 50,000 words. The story is strongly leaning toward the humorous, so I could use that as a back-up sub-genre if the editor of the medical romances didn't go for it.

I think the encouragement of the writing project has given me a boost as well. I'm thinking about (at long last) revising the drafts of Complimentary Murder and PSI Emergency.