Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Good News... I guess

I just heard back from Steve Jackson Games about my proposal to write Psionics Insititutes for them. They are definately going to elctronic format for Traveller now. Sigh... I was hoping for a print edition. The up side is that the word length will no longer be a factor and at least I'd be getting paid SOMETHING for my writing efforts. There is also going to be a different editor. Maybe I can convince him to go with Traveller fiction. I'd love to bring Traveller's Log under the GURPS umbrella and make it official.

I recorded a CD of my reading of "Three Ghostly Mystery Classics", which I hope to sell through Cafe Press. There is a bit of a hissing noise, but I don't think I can fix it.

Traveller's Log had been drifting a bit, but the last few days have brought it and me back on track. I always do better when I 'watch it unfold' in my head and then write it down. If I try to plan the story it always feels forced.

I got some work done on a new home page for Traveller, and I am pleased with how it is taking shape.

Today I want to start working on the script for "War Paint".