Friday, July 04, 2008

Fallen Angel gives a glowing review of “Hand-Dipped Pleasure”

Excerpt from the review:

“This story starts out hot and gets hotter and hotter and as it progresses. This is the first Exotika book that I have read and I enjoyed the book. My first inclination was that it would be all about the sexual experience that the couple went through and that the story itself would not exist but that was not true with this story. I think the fact that the couple already knew each other made it very interesting and made the sexual scenes much more intense. If this is the case for all Exotika’s books then I will be reading more and more of them in the future. I encourage you to check out this book, it has a great friendship that could develop into something much more and the strawberries just might make you want to try a few of your own…maybe the way that Tasha and Dale did.

Reviewed by: Missy”

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