Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Agent Submission

I just mailed the Deluge submission to Writers House yesterday. (Fingers crossed!)

I've made a bit of progress on the final edits of the rest of the novel.

A new story is knocking on my brain, again nothing I've already got an outline for. I've had a title Manache Monday for a while, and the loose idea that Monday is a lovelorn spirit haunting a hotel. Now I have a few characters, the heroine who owns the hotel and the hero who is a ghost investigator, giving me little scene tidbits. It looks like a paranormal romance with some strong comic edges. I'm chomping at the bit to write their story, but I'm trying to hold them back until the edits on Deluge are complete and I have a bit more of this stinky summer quarter of school under my belt. (I hate economics! The topic isn't hard. The 8-12 quizes and 1 major test a week is time consuming!)