Saturday, May 27, 2006

Catching My Breath

Interestingly enough, I finished the Book in a Week challenge with the last scene in which I knew what was going to happen next. I have a notion what will happen now in the story line, but the scene hasn't played itself out before me in advance. So, I have been able to take a break today and get my head together.

I sat down this morning around 10 am took up the rest of the manuscript I have been reading for my critique partner. I just finished it five minutes ago, and I'll be able to hand the completed manuscript back to her at our writing session tomorrow. I've been feeling guilty about hanging on to it for so long.

The rest of today will consist of household chores, typing the second chapter of this new novel, which was written in long hand, and sitting down with my programming homework in both my C++ and Java classes. 2 more weeks of Spring classes to go. Summer classes, which I am also taking, start the very next week. Bummer. No breaks at all.

As for writing...

I am kind of jazzed that I have just about reached the first quarter mark on the word count for Deluge. Now it is time for the story to kick up into higher gear. Yee-haw!

As for writing challenges, I've signed up for Evolution Writers' Novel Writing Mission. Starting the first of June and going until the end of July, I have the official writing goal of 15 chapters. In reality, I want to finish the first draft of Deluge in that time. That would be a minimum of 22 1/2 more chapters. (Figuring from the estimate of 30 chapters, each approx. 10 pages, for a total of 75k words) If I maintain a pace close to what I did this week, I might finish the manuscript in just over a month. That would be sweet!