Tuesday, May 24, 2005


So Changeling Press got back to me again. The editor said one of her assistants must have been the one to reject the re-write. She asked if I could remember the comments.

Nice. Now I must repeat the insulting comments to the editor. So I told her the few I could remember, thanked her for checking back with me and said I'd keep them in mind for other stories I am working on. (We mustn't burn bridges!)

I wish Venus Press would get back with me with a nice fat acceptance!

I wish Steve Jackson Games would quit yanking my chain and publish and pay me for Psionics Institutes.

Even better, I wish an agent would accept C and C, and then get me a nice fat mutli-book contract and advance!

I am so ready to break out as a published author. I've had small publications. I've completed longer works I feel are good. If I could just take that next step....