Saturday, April 19, 2003

Here's my curent state of chaos:

Under the "Can you believe it?" heading: We discovered an unauthorized withdrawl for $300 against our checking account's debit card. It occured a night when my husband was out with "friends" and while he maintains it must be a computer error, I think someone "borrowed" his wallet and made the withdrawl. He's not one to make folks stand back when he makes a withdrawl and I think one of his "buddies" saw his code, took the card, made the withdrawl and returned the card without him knowing. Which is very possible. The bank is investigating. I hope the ATM had a video camera and the slime goes to a nasty, stinky cell with a room mate named Bubba who calls him Sweetie.

I've almost got the website set up now for the Secret Project.

Next week maybe I'll be ready to go.