Saturday, September 07, 2002

Back to work

I took a day off yesterday. I need to get on to the Non-Player Characters chapter and make the additions to the Web of Conspiracies chapter.

During my day off I spent a lot of time surfing the internet researching a few ideas I have for a couple of non-fiction books. Isn't this just like me to be swamped with half-finished projects and go looking for more to do?

While I was flirting from website to website I swung by Steve Jackson Games. The Faeries suppliment book I sent in the query for was finally assigned. After reading the Traveller wishlist I feel even less inclined to send a proposal than before. I'm burnt out on RPG and their suppliments are so long it would take a year to write it. Besides, I have an idea for a RPG of my own design which I would rather spend time on than to do backbends to try and write for someone else's universe.