Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just re-Released: Always
The first book in the Dominant Blood series

As an Offspring, Bethany must prove her worth or risk destruction at the hands of a Kinsman, one of the master vampires in her clan. Troy knows Bethany’s fate has already been decided. If she must die, it will be his way and at his hand. Every time he steels himself for the task Bethany’s heart disarms him. The other Kinsmen in the clan won’t tolerate Troy’s weakness much longer. If he doesn’t take her life, the clan will destroy them both. With rising passions and building danger, Troy and Bethany must fight for more than just their lives.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Links Fixed

Not sure why Ellora's Cave keeps changing the links to my books. It makes it a challenge to keep my links working correctly! But I have decided to bypass their links and just link everything to Amazon instead. Hopefully their website doesn't change links too often.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

New Release: Luscious
A book in the Dominant Blood series

Luscious earned his nickname as a human servant to an ancient vampire clan. Willingly, he surrenders body and blood to their whims. Yet despite his devotion to his clan, Luscious’ closest bond is with his fellow human servant, Belle. The blonde beauty services the men and woman of the clan as Luscious does. Taboo alone prevents their friendship from developing into the deeper relationship they both crave. But sometimes the allure of the forbidden is too strong to resist.Then everything shatters with the prick of a fang, putting more than just their hearts in the crosshairs. A dangerous game of deception and betrayal is the only way out, if they can just survive the night together.

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Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Release: Raging Passions
A book in the Dominant Blood series

Hell hath no fury…

The night Caden abandons Regina at the altar, she becomes easy pickings for Ripper, a Kinsman vampire who has been watching her, wanting her for his own. But a devastated Regina trusts no man, and in the handful of years since that night, she has been punishing her male prey and fellow vampires for her broken heart, earning herself the nickname “Rage”.

When a man loves a woman…

The victim of a vampire’s cruel manipulation, Caden has never forgotten Regina or the love they shared. Now, as a slayer of vampires, he seeks vengeance on the very creatures responsible for her death.

Until the night they shockingly come face-to-face, the vampire and the vampire executioner, and all the passion they once shared flares to life with a heat neither can deny. Vampire lusts, human passions and a love that could never die combine in a race to free Caden and release Rage, because death is coming as nightfall approaches.

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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A book in the Dominant Blood series.

Only a rare human can sense the Summoning of a vampire. The call lures Jamie from her safe life into the seductive clutches of a vampire clan. Bestowed the nickname of Kitten, Jamie is anything but weak. The two young vampires who Summoned her desire to transform her into their “Summon”, to satisfy their every physical and sexual need, but not even a mind-blowing ménage a trois is enough to convince Kitten she’s cut out to be a servant to a couple of vampires. Their master, a Kinsman known as Deacon, has other plans for Kitten. Using her sexuality to take control of her destiny, Kitten discovers the true power of the vampire.

Amanda Sidhe,exotika,erotica


Even as Jamie walked into the bar, she couldn’t really reason why.

That it was Friday night made no difference to her other than she didn’t have to get up early to teach aerobics. In fact, she’d already dressed in her nightshirt and snuggled in her bed when the strange sensation descended into her like a shower of shivering snowflakes. Immediate awareness sparked low in her stomach with a sexual urgency stronger than any she’d felt before, bolting her upright in bed with the sudden force of it. It drew her. Called to her. While her rational mind had tried to question it, nothing diminished that urgency. It compelled her to seek the source of the powerful call as though it magnetized her blood.

Not half an hour later, Jamie found herself drifting around the fringes of the overpopulated hotel bar, ignoring the lustful glances from the tourists. The short, hot-pink, underwear-flasher skirt and plunging fluffy white sweater wasn’t anything she’d normally wear. Except for the tugging desire in her gut that compelled her, she would never have come here wearing this “catch me and do me” get-up.

And she really wanted the “do me” part. Bad. Even still, it was not that sexual need alone that made her hands tremble. An unfinished feeling welled inside. Like the acoustic throbbing of heavy metal music. The sensations were akin to being submerged in the ocean when the power of the wave action rhythmically lifted and plunged her body ever farther from the safety of the familiar shore into the dangerous unknown. Only this power surge she felt came from deep within, welling up and reaching for…something.

The strange call whispered inarticulately over her skin with a static pull that urged her onward. As the tide of patrons parted before her they revealed her destination, Jamie’s body jerked awake with want. An almost visible glow vibrated around the two sexy men speaking to each other on the far side of the bar. That vibrancy rang through her soul like a dinner bell, making her mouth water with hunger for them.

The pair scoped out the ladies of the club, but so far they hadn’t cast a glance toward Jamie, so she stared openly at them. As the one with his back to her shifted, Jamie admired the perfect curve of his ass sheathed in his black jeans. A silver belt snaked around his narrow waist. Not even the loose cotton top in a deep shade of hunter green could disguise the sculpted slope of his back. His gothic black hair dipped just over his collar, inviting her fingers to comb through it. So far, she’d only caught his profile as he glanced around, but the line of his jaw appeared strong and his smooth cheek at once both masculine and beautiful.

She wanted to touch him. To embrace him from behind so her breasts flattened against his toned back and his rear curved into her belly. To wrap her arms around his waist and learn the map of muscles on his abdomen through touch. To smell his hair as she kissed his neck.

While the dark one flashed his luscious backside toward her, his blond friend presented her with his full frontal beauty. The dimensions of his gorgeous face were perfectly symmetrical and strongly drawn, accentuating the power of his azure eyes. He smiled as he spoke, and the sexy curve of his mouth made her imagine biting gently on his lower lip and tugging until she had his undivided attention. Leaning back against the wall, he hooked his thumbs in the belt loops of his navy slacks and propped one foot against the wall behind him. His build was similar to his buddy’s and she could visualize them both playing the endless array of sports young men engaged in to exert their masculine competitiveness and keep their athletic figures.

Jamie wanted them. Either or both. She smiled at her own lustful thoughts. She craved these men and the new fierce urge burning in her heart compelled her to indulge.

Pressing her lips together to even her lipstick, Jamie began to stalk them, her lovely prey. She knew exactly how she wanted to invite their attention. Just a small gesture really, but suggestive and unmistakable in its intended meaning.

Gradually, Jamie crossed the dance floor on her side of the bar and approached the jukebox that already played a slow song. The song selection didn’t interest her as she skimmed the titles. Excitement quickened her heart at the thought of the move she was going to make. Any other day, she would not waste time with such a mating dance on strangers. Jamie was hardly a prude, but she was practical. Her fit body attracted all the male interest she’d ever need and then some. She was not above using her body, one she worked hard for, to provide leverage when she needed it.

But tonight was different.

Tonight she was going to play the seduction game. She’d send an invitation of interest to the sexist men in the room. If they weren’t interested, so be it. But if they were…

Jamie drew in a deep breath. Her hands brushed up along her heated cheeks and back through her hair. The stale odors of people and alcohol only skimmed her senses. Something else perfumed the air. As she smoothed down her clothing, the sliding touch charged her skin with acute awareness. She perched on a dizzying cliff, like a skier poised to plunge forth on a dangerous ride. Jamie couldn’t even begin to guess how she knew this. All she knew was that if she didn’t leap now that she never would and the rest of her life would only be a consolation prize.

The pair hadn’t noticed Jamie yet. She didn’t hear what the dark-haired one said, but both he and the blond chuckled in low, warm voices that stroked her skin. While they looked away from her toward the bar, Jamie glided closer as if just to walk past. Taking her time, she focused on doing her thing with grace while enjoying every millisecond of it.

Softly, Jamie reached out and curved her palm over the thick muscles along the right side of the dark one’s back. With her thumb indenting his shirt so she could stroke the dip of his spine, Jamie slid her hand downward. The firm heat of his body reached her palm through the rough cotton fabric.

Even without looking up, she saw him twist to glance down at her. Other than that, he didn’t move or speak, so Jamie finished her motion, sliding her hand down over the lovely roundness of his rear end. As she continued to walk past, she dragged her palm across his jean-clad bottom. Only when she’d stepped so far she couldn’t reach back to touch him anymore did she risk meeting his eyes. She knew her gaze smoldered as she quirked a slight smile. His heated response telegraphed from the stillness of his body and the unwavering, open interest in his Swiss chocolate eyes.

Mmm, she thought. Those eyes were a yummy chocolate to be savored.

Her invitation delivered, her interest expressed, Jamie continued her slow stride to the bar. Pretending as though she waited for the bartender as he served the other customers, Jamie watched them from the corner of her eye.

The pair were definitely focused on her now as they talked to each other. The blond nodded to what the dark one said.

Breathe, girl, breathe. Jamie felt the building burn of her desire. She’d done it and it had been nice. Really nice. Touching so delicious a man in even the casually sexual way left her hungry for more. Her intention, to wait for them to make the next move, suddenly felt impossibly difficult.

The throbbing demand deep inside her coiled like a serpent around her womb. Craving hardly began to describe her mounting agony. Obsession was closer to the beast rumbling to life. What if they didn’t come for her? The disaster was hardly imaginable.

Jamie stared hard at the polished surface of the bar, her hands clenched until her wrists protested. What madness could have possessed her? No man, or rather two men, were worth insanity. More was at stake here. What it was, Jamie couldn’t guess, but it consumed her. She refused to even consider leaving the bar tonight empty-handed, no matter what she had to do.

A heavy stroke across her bottom fractured her thoughts and made Jamie jump. The warm palm moved over her left cheek as it traveled, ruffling her short skirt before settling into a cupping squeeze over her right buttock. Jamie glanced up at the dark-haired man. Standing so close to her, his body radiated a heat that made her skin prickle. The attraction he expressed wordlessly with his intensely hungry gaze and playful smile stole her voice. While she’d caught a glimpse of him when she’d walked past, the full force of his irresistibly handsome face captivated her. He possessed the clear, intense gaze of a cobra that saw past her defenses and held her mesmerized.

She would have remained stunned, lost in his dark eyes, if he hadn’t scooped her hand from where it rested on the bar, into his easy grasp. With a brush of his fingers her fists unfolded, releasing the heavy layer of tension that had gripped her. “Want to dance, Kitten?” The timbre of his voice dribbled over her like liquid sex and she wanted to drink it from his mouth.

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Monday, June 08, 2009

Demanding Diamonds available in paperback

The paperback anthology, Demanding Diamonds, is now on sale from Ellora's Cave. It features my story "Beyond the Veil" as well as "A Girl’s Best Friend" by Eileen Ann Brennan, "Bejeweled and Bedeviled" by Tiffany Bryan, "Diamond Lady" by Desiree Holt, and "Heart Diamond" by Margaret L. Carter.

Demanding Diamond