Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Checking in...

Well, I just finished the final exam in Accounting last evening. Thank goodness. All that info I crammed into my head. DUMPED! Gone! bye-bye! The way summer classes are, I still have 5 more weeks of Management (piece of cake) and Economics (piece of crap). I am also starting Marketing on wednesday. I'm jazzed about the Marketing class.

Last night I dreamed more than I have in months. The part that really sticks out is one of my characters from Deluge was in the dream. Toward the end of the novel there is a great looking man named Nathan who manages to steal a few scenes. He's back in Dance in another supporting role. I don't want to give away any thing that will spoil the story for you, but it was very cool to have Nathan show up in the dream. He's a personal favorite.

I started a short story a few days ago after reading a short passage in a novel that caught my attention. I'm already on page 27 of the story. It's another character based story where the characters are in control and they are stunning the crap out of me. It is based in the same world as "Always" and I'm targeting the "Untamed Heros" line at Venus Press, where "Always" is published. My 'hero' is a vampire named Razor and he is one scary dude. This one has lots of character development woven into lots of sex. I'm curious how it will go over. I like it. This one is not going to mushroom into a novel, though. I already know where it is heading and once I get Razor and Karma to quit banging each others brains out, we can get around to it.

The edits to Deluge are done unless one of my readers have comments. I've got a few different folks reading it and I'm not getting many comments yet, so I'm hoping that is a good sign. I'm all ready for the agent to request it. (Come on, Lady! Get on the ball already!) Once I have my untitled short story completed, I'm going to go back to Dance.