Monday, July 10, 2006

Writing Fever

I've been a busy writing beaver. I am exactly halfway through the edits of Deluge, which I am pretty sure will be renamed to "The Secrets of the Dark." I'm jumping the gun on the 'branding' thing, by planning a series called "The Secrets" series, and each title beginning with "The Secrets of ..."

I just finished writing Chapter 8 of Dance, which will be renamed to "The Secrets of the Dance". It's based in the same world as Deluge. It's so wierd how the characters are developing in that story. I keep pushing them together and they keep spinning off in different directions. I have a lot of secondary characters, including the gang from Deluge in supporting roles, which helps and hurts and is completely nesseccary. My hero, Tristan, is extremely funny. At least to me. This book will need more edits than Deluge, I can already tell, because I'm racing through the first draft instead of going over and over the chapters again and again. That's cool, though.

I will be SOOOO disappointed if no agent or publisher picks up the series. I feel so connected to it. I'm channeling so much of me into it. I will be ___seriously crushed___ if nothing becomes of this, especially considering the fact I totally feel that it absolutely will get published and do well. It's killing me to wait to hear back from the agent.

I'm going to do some homework now (gag!) and work on Deluge edits (yeah!)