Monday, July 17, 2006


Yesterday a snatch of a novel I was reading grabbed me. It immediately sparked a scene that I wanted to write. I began writing it, and 9 1/2 pages later, I have the start of a short story and a good idea where it will end. I'm pretty sure this will be only a short story and not mushroom into a novel. It is as yet untitled and is a vampire romance with a bad boy, almost 'anti-hero', and is set in the same world as "Always". So, I'm thinking it will probably go to Venus Press when I'm done. They've got a bad boy line they're starting, and this will definately fit right in.

I'll probably finish this story up before getting back to Dance. I don't think it will take me more than a week or two at most to complete it, assuming I don't get hit with another week of school like the last two have been.