Monday, July 10, 2006

Typing Freak

I spent all morning typing in the edits so far for Deluge. This is almost the exact middle of the novel, and with all of the page formating and junk, it looks like 90,000 was a good estimate. It might actually end up closer to 100,000. That'll work. No cutting or adding extra scenes needed to make the word count.

I'm going nuts waiting to hear from the first agent. I picked the next agent to query right away in case the first passes on Deluge. I hate trying to pick the next agent AFTER a rejection has come. It is too depressing.

Anyway, back to the edits. I want to have them done in the next week. Two weeks tops. So that way I'll be prepared if I get a request for a full manuscript. I'm setting Dance asside for now until I finish Deluge. I never did get the little scene I wanted to write, even with writing the three chapters over the weekend, thanks to characters who have minds of their own. So it will definately be a few more chapters before I get there. I've jotted down a little segment in a notebook, just to capture the essence of the moment I wanted, but the full scene has to wait until the story gets there. If it ever does. Tristan and Gabrielle are bound and determined to give me trouble trying to get them together, but that's cool. More romantic tension that way!