Monday, May 15, 2006

Planning Ahead

I've finally managed to come up with outlines on some characters and plots for two paranormal novels. Both would fit, I believe, with either Tor Paranormal or Nocturne. This gives me a back up: if one rejects a manuscript, I'll send it to the other. If both reject it, I'll rewrite it for length, and send it on to Love Spell.

My plan is to write a synopsis and 3 chapters for Nocturne and submit it. (They accept partials). Then write a full manuscript for Tor while I'm waiting. Whenever that novel is done and submitted, I'll go ahead and complete the first novel. It doesn't matter if it gets rejected or not, I still need to complete the novel. Either to send in if Nocturne like the partial, or to submit to Tor instead.

This should definately keep me busy writing for the rest of the year, however I am also toying with a few short stories I might write and send into Venus Press to give me some variety.