Saturday, May 20, 2006

Okay: Clutch in, shift gears...

The 'little' short story I wrote a few days ago ran away with me. It is now going to be a novel. Simon and Tia (my main characters) are not to be denied, and I finished Chapter 1 yesterday and Chapter 2 today. (Mark me down for 2000 words on the book in a week challenge for today) 4500 words for the novel so far.

Normally, I'm a plot based writer, and I have my two little novel plots all ready to go. This story is definately a character based one. I barely have an idea where the story is going, but the characters are so strong and interesting they are sweeping me away.

So... that means a slight strategy change.

I'm going to let these characters tell their story. The world is the same as the one I developed for the Tor novel, only this story involves totally different characters. So, when (and I don't mean 'if') this novel is complete, I'll send it to Tor. Presently, the novel is titled Deluge, but that might change.

I'm not sure when I'll work on the samples for Nocturne. Probably in a few weeks when the spring quarter at school is finished. I definately won't wait until Deluge is complete to work on it.

I also have a novel I'm reading for a fellow writing friend that I really must work on so she can get it back and finish up her edits and start submitting.