Sunday, March 23, 2008

Simply Romance Reviews give Her Dangerous Promise an A+!

Here is an excerpt from the review:

“Mary Seeton is an elementary teacher living a nightmare. She’s kidnapped by a madman. In order to escape with her life, she makes a promise to never tell. If she breaks that vow, her attacker will kill everyone she knows and loves including her students. But how can she keep a promise that is killing her soul to keep?

“Thom Brady is the inspector assigned to find out who kidnapped Mary. Only his job is a lot harder than he’d imagined it would be since Mary won’t divulge anything to him about the incident. Soon, he finds himself feeling more than a professional attachment to Mary. Can he find the killer and keep Mary safe? And can his heart that has been broken once be open again to a new love?

“Her Dangerous Promise is intriguing thriller that entraps the reading from the first page and keeps you enticed till the last page. Mary is a teacher and after her abduction, she is left wondering will he come for her, can she protect her students from a madman? Thom Brady , her guardian, is swore to not let history repeat itself, and in falling in love with her. He will not stop until Mary is safe. Her Dangerous Promise is a fantastic read, anyone who likes reading on the edge, will love Amanda Sidhe”

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