Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Blue Ribbon Reviews gave "Summoned by Lust" 4.5 out of 5!

This Kinsmen Vampire romance has been just raking in the positive reviews. Feedback from readers has been fantastic. Everyone seems to really enjoy the intense relationship between Razor and Karma.

I am frequently asked when the next Kinsmen Vampire Romance will be published. I am hoping to see Shade's story published before the end of this year. (Shade first appears in "Raging Passions" which you can read for free on my homepage at )

In the meantime... "Beyond the Veil" comes out this month! 4/18/08 is the release date. It is a hot paranormal erotica. A sizzling ghost hunk, a sexy historian with a thing for bondage and a voodoo curse. How hot is that?

From the review of "Summoned by Lust":

"Karma knows one wrong move and her life will end at any moment. Having been summoned by the most notorious vampire in the Kinsman, she knows Razor will be a challenge. Her telepathic abilities have kept her alive thus far, but with Razor, the blood lust was raging out of control.

"Human servants rarely survive an encounter with Razor but Karma lives for the challenge. In every effort to stay alive and not become undead, Karma uses her telepathic powers to change the blood lust into physical lust, though she didn’t expect Razor to have his own telepathic abilities.

"Caught in a world where fear and lust are the only emotions, Karma must decide on who to trust. Though she’s only servicing Razor for a short time, and her clan expects her to return for the next case, Razor wants her to stay, even if that means killing to get his way.

"SUMMONED BY LUST gives the reader a fresh look into a complex vampire world. Karma is delightful and smart while Razor is the perfect bad-boy with a heart. I enjoyed Ms. Sidhe’s writing and look forward to her next enchanting tale.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Lacey"

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