Thursday, May 05, 2005


That was not only a fast rejection, but a rather unflattering one! Changeling press doesn't let any grass grow under their feet, do they? She gave me her 'frank' opinion, which I much prefer to form letters.

I think the part she read and didn't like, was the part I put in specifically to please her based on her suggestions. I think if I scratch them back out, I may have something.

I really don't understand what she could have prefered, based on her comments. She said she kept asking 'why?' as she read the story, but then didn't seem to want the answers because she wanted to me to 'show, not tell', but at the same time, it would have taken me quite a while to show her every detail on this universe, and yet increase the pace. I don't know.

Once I check over it again I'm going to submit my story to another publisher.