Monday, October 04, 2004


I revised the character templates. I need to type in the second revisions yet.

I've reviewed the writer guidelines and the editor's comments from the sample and I'm going to dive into double checking the rest of the first section, which had been the sample he's already seen. It shouldn't be too bad.

I also need to revise the first big section this week. I want it done by the end of this weekend. That'll leave only 1 section to go.

I've done a little research and reading in order to plan for my next projects. I've concluded I don't like Harlequin's Blaze stories. Their 'alpha' males are just too bossy and mean for my taste. I'll stick with the lighter romances.

The Magic the Gathering books are thickly written. I'm debating if I can (or would want to) write in that style.

I don't need to decide just yet. I've got two romances and a SciFi revision I want done by the end of November which I'll be doing first.