Monday, July 26, 2004

Weekend Progress

I managed to cut in half my deficit for the David and Goliath word count challenge. I went from being 11 pages behind to 7. I worked on the romance novel All Night Long yesterday to do it. I've been itching to work on it, so I let myself and that is how I cranked out so many pages.

I'm typing up my new chapter for Complimentary Murder this morning and checking my word count.

Then I am going to work up the first post for the Evolution RPG class and check into the next section I need for Psionics Institutes.

Later I'd like to finish chapter 1 of All Night Long. Once Chapter 1 is done, I'm going to set it aside again until Complimentary Murder is done and I have the first section of Psionics Institutes done. At least, that is my plan.