Sunday, July 25, 2004

Making Goals

I made my word count goals for yesterday and today.  I wrote a few pages on chapter 1 of the romance novel All Night Long.  This a backburner project, but it is the easiest (right now) for me to write and rack up some high word counts.  Once I get off the computer I am going to try and catch up on the 11 pages I am behind this month on the David and Goliath word count challenge.

Tomorrow, I am planning to finish typing the new chapter for Complimentary Murder so I can finish revising it through the mid-point of the book before the end of this month.  I know I am not going to reach my goal for Psionics Institutes this month, but I have covered some ground on it and the month is not over yet.

Next month the guidelines for Aspen's Short film festival will be posted and I can look into getting Levitiation submitted there.

I have been keeping up with my reading for the read-a-thon Challenge, and I have committed to write a class series on RPG writing for Evolution.  Not to mention I need to work on completing 2 more scripts and send resumes and queries to managers and agents.

My plate is definately full.  I hope to have a personal problem (dealing with my husband's ex-wife) settled next month, which will help me to focus more fully on my writing.