Friday, May 16, 2003

Mystery Radio Network update

I've just received 3 programs from Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater to use on the air. They will play in a few weeks. The One Act players are supposed to be sending me 3 Sherlock Holmes stories, which I am looking forward to. Author Nikki Burris is performing short stories, as well as station IDs. She just sent me "The Lady or the Tiger". Murder Express is allowing me to use their reviews in Hearsay, the hour for reviews and news. So the programs are really shaping up!

Come on by and listen to the Mystery Radio Network and hear all the great shows!

Our ranks have settled down some. Here's about where we are right now in the following categories...

'Other': between 195-197
'Talk': between 141-151
'Spoken Word': between 83-90
'Spoken Word' as primary category: I've been climbing about 1 slot every other day, I'm at 34 now.