Monday, May 05, 2003

Radio Update:

So far in the few days it's been broadcasting I have 17 total listening hours, and most of them from the Ohio. Since I have more than 10 hours I have 2 little men in the TLH space on the radio page. I'd have to get 100 listening hours in a 30 day period to get a 3rd little man.

Ranks are done based on the last 30 days, so my rank will skyrocket my first thirty days until the 31st day when day one drops out of the counting. With that in mind, I have the following ranks right now:

I'm listed it 3 catagories; spoken word (which is my primary catagory), talk and other.

In 'Other' I'm right now ranked 248

In 'Talk' I am ranked 191

In 'Spoken Word' I'm ranked 109

Among the stations that have 'spoken word' as their primary catagory, I'm 53rd.

So far so good!