Saturday, February 22, 2003

Secret Project

I began a secret project last summer, dropped it, and now I am working on it again. I have learned quite a bit more about how to go about doing this secret thing, which I won't tell you in detail about right now. In the past I have begun many projects which failed, fell apart or disintigrated, and all those projects educated me regarding about how to do things and how not to do them. One leason is to not go announcing projects not yet ready to launch. It puts me under pressure to produce results by a certain date which may not be realistic considering unknown factors that invariablly pop up.

This new project is very time consuming, but if it works out should be a good beginning for a hopefully long-running project. There is nothing exactly like it going right now, which is another reason to keep it under wraps in case someone else hears about it and beats me to the punch. There are, however, many similiar types of projects out there, some doing very well, others not so, and by researching these I can find clues to what works and what doesn't.

Before this project is ready to launch, there are tons of things to get done. I have some of the smaller elements ready. The larger elements will take some time and work. I am nearly done with the first of several of the longer elements. So far I have not suffered any loss of momentum or doubts, which often pop up and kill some of my less brilliant efforts. Instead I grow more excited, which is why I am telling you about it now.

Stay tuned for more criptic updates and clues to my secret project, which I seriously hope everyone who visits this blogger will find enjoyable.