Monday, February 10, 2003

Good Weekend

I went to the craft show this past weekend and learned many useful items for the jewelry business I have begun conjuring up. Most helpful was to discover my sister-in-law's grandmother is a craft show guru, with her own ceramics business and frequent show schedule. She's offered to show some of my things in her June show and to give me helpful advice. I plan to send her a thank you note for all her insight and to grease the wheels for further contact.

So with this in mind, I am starting to outline the list of jewelry pieces I'd like to have for the show. I'm thinking of having 5 small sections: copper, copper and silver, silver, silver and gold, gold. Then I can see what gets the most interest for future shows. The first of my 'good' supplies have arrived, silver sculpting wire and a beautiful 15 mm moonstone. I need to order more bits and bobs which I plan to do Monday.