Thursday, January 09, 2003

Moving in Slow Motion

I've been moving into a house...Much work, I can tell you. Changes are everywhere, and there is no time for writing.

I'm not sure where all the changes will lead me, but I have a direction. A Post-30th birthday panic led me to take a test on the internet to help me decide what to do with my life. I scored high in artistry, and I checked all the options that that might suggest for career choices. Most pay nothing and are hard to break into, like writing. Years of work has produced a few minor sells in Role-Playing Games, not even the top writers in that field could live on the payments. Jewelry making, however, has some potential as a decent income producer and an outlet for creative urges. This is a direction I am exploring now. Once the move is complete (Just waiting for my husband to have some time off to move the big furnature) we'll see what develops.