Sunday, August 25, 2002

The big three

I've been working on the same big three projects for a while. I'm hungry for a change, but I don't feel I can leave these projects dangling in the wind much longer. I should really get down to work on A Tangled Web starting when I get home today. I plan to tell the editor that I can have it finished by the end of September, and that should be well within reason.

The second revision of Complimentary Murder is what is really getting me down. I feel that I have worked and reworked it so much that I don't have any creativity left for it.

PSI Emergency has suffered from all my gaming projects. It has been shuffled to the back burner, which is not where I want it to be. The juices are flowing now that I have the reworked outline and my long elusive theme. If I set my mind to just working on PSI Emergency and A Tangled Web, I may be able to have them both done by the end of September. That may be optimistic for the novel, but it is a worthy goal.