Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Back to PSI Emergency

I wrote Chapter 40 and 41 of PSI Emergency. I intend to continue on to Chapter 42 in a few minutes. I might as well get as much done on this nearly finished novel while I wait to hear back on A Tangeld Web. I'd like to finish up the current outline, which will only get me to the 3/4th mark on the wordcount. Then I can work on the new expanded outline for the last 1/4th.

From this outline I have learned that while dramatic sections that are low on action usually run 1000 words for me, action sequences only take about 450-500 words. This will be something important to keep in mind in the future outlines I make.

My current word count is 45,582. My target word count is 70,000, but I may need to expand this to 80,000 to fit the desired length of most science fiction publishers.