Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The reviews are starting to come already for "Summoned by Lust"

So far they have been very positive!

Amarinda Jones featured the excerpt on her blog And according to her this is the best line in the book...

Excellent line - “I’ll make you a deal. If you do to me what you promised and keep my thoughts from roaming from sex to blood, I won’t kill you before sunrise.”

Strictly Romance Reviews gave the book 4 1/2 moonbeams! You can read their review Here.

Quote from the review:

Amanda Sidhe brings readers new meaning to rocky romances. SUMMONED BY LUST is more than your ordinary love story. It has more action and sexy scenes to keep readers excited and warm in the beds on those cold nights.

Razor has more than just good looks to offer to any woman. But only one woman can keep up with Razor's tastes.

This was definitely the most exciting and thrilled filled romance. Readers will be in a shock at just how exciting SUMMONED BY LUST is and will want to read more upcoming books by Amanda Sidhe.

There's plenty more that I want to say but all I can come up with when I think of SUMMONED BY LUST is whoa!

I am just tickled silly at how wonderful the reaction has been so far! A number of readers have taken to time to e-mail me to let me know ho much they enjoyed it.