Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Love a Good Deadline

I'm coming out of a very busy year... at long last... and now I can concentrate on writing like I couldn't before. I had already started to put down a little bit here and there on "Chained Melody", but I needed a bit more motivation to really get cracking.

So after a few e-mails with my editor at Ellora's Cave, I got my motivation in the form of two deadlines. The first being December 1st. The working title of the novella is "Beyond the Veil" and is a paranormal erotica tale. The paranormal element in this story comes in the form of a ghost. This book will be in the birthstone series, and since the stone in question is a diamond I am guessing if they accept the manuscript that it will probably see publication in April.

The second deadline is December 15th. This novella will be for the 'Oh, Yum!' series involving older women/younger men. For this story I am thinking I am going to have to introduce a new pen name. 'Amanda Sidhe' is becoming associated with darker, harder edged paranormal tales. My 'Oh, Yum!' story is going to be an erotic comedy. Believe it or not, I have a very goofy streak sometimes and writing humor helps me to keep a balance as a writer. So every now and then I go all out with comedy. If Ellora's cave take this story I'll adopt another pen name and announce it here.

I have been covering a lot more ground much more quickly now that I have these deadlines keeping me on track.