Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Free Kinsmen Vampire Romance Story

I've begun posting a free serialized novella on my website at http://AmandaSidheRomance.tripod.com About once a week I will be adding a chapter until the story is complete. Later chapters of the story will contain some graphic sex and violence, so be advised. 18 and older only, please.

What’s the story about?

"Raging Passions"

Nicknamed 'Rage' because of her general fury at everyone of the male gender, Regina still hasn't gotten over Caden, the man who stood her up at the altar before she became a vampire. Now her master, a Kinsman known as Ripper, wants her to knock off a human vampire executioner. Only the executioner is Caden. The task forces her to face her past and her present as Offspring and forced lover to Ripper. If she can't fight her way through the vampire war that results, she may not have a future.

Read Chapter 1 at http://AmandaSidheRomance.tripod.com now. Let me know what you think of it either on the yahoo newgroup or send me a comment on myspace at http://www.myspace.com/AmandaSidhe

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